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​What is kiteboarding and Winging?



Kiteboarding and winging takes all the best that snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, watersports and skiing offers and blends it with unlimited vertical action, jumps and hangtime. Because the wind is your full access pass, you'll never wait in the chairlift line, wave and ride on a boat again ! You can kite and wing on lakes, ocean and land. Water and land are endless, as are the opportunities for serious distance, causing and big air. The water is more forgiving of mistakes than solid ground and is a lot easier to stand in the water. If you can snowboard or ski, wakeboard, or surf then you can kiteboarding or winging. Most beginners are up within 30 minutes of putting their first kite in the air.

Where can I kiteboarding or winging?
The short answer is, "Anywhere there is open water and open space." In fact, there are now kiteboarding winger everywhere, and most are outside of the areas typically synonymous with the water sports. If you have lakes or oceacoast, you can kiteboarding or winging.


What kind of lakes or ocean is best?
Although there is a lot of lakes ocean coastal, most prefer flat water, wide-open spaces and steady wind. All you need is clear space away from roads, trees, power and telephone lines and dangerous obstacles. So if you have any questions, just ask! We are sure to have the answers you need. To learn how to Kiteboard or winging. we have a lesson center in Utah. For information about this school and kiting shoot us an email.

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