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Jacob Buzianis

  • Professional Snowkiter/Kiteboarder since 2001
  • Worked at Best Kiteboarding since 2004
  • First kite lesson in 94'. 
  • Top ranked-snowkiter in the world
  • Pioneer snowkiter in the Rockies and Alaska
  • Taught/demonstrated to over 6000 people 
  • Master Snowkite Glider & Backcountry Expert
  • Professional Instructor



After years of pushing myself on snow and water sports, I hit a level where I wanted more out of my sessions than what I was getting.  One day on a beach in Maui, I took my first Kiteboarding lesson.  Needless to say, I was "hooked"! 

From that day forward, I rode every chance I had.  I came back home to Utah and worked on creating year round possibilities for kiting and snowkiting. I started to discover new spots close to home.  I was able to take my snow skills straight to my kite, trade my long waits in lift lines & expensive season passes in for a wide open spaces, limitless terrain & super sick powder...all driven by the wind, all day long.  

I am always scouting for new kiting/snowkiting spots across the US. There are so many great places to ride at that are usually within close proximity to large cities. Some of my favorite spots are Strawberry Reservoir, Powder Mt., Uintahs, Wasatch, Park City, Alaska, and Wyoming.


20 years passion for the sport is just as strong as it was on my first day out.  Everyday I am able to push myself to new limits and implement new challenge.  Come along with me on the ride...there is nothing better than feeling the wind behind you and sharing epic sessions with friends.

Videos of Jacob Buzianis and friends

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