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Welcome to the Utah Snowkite 


Snowkite Center has a lot to offer!
-A full range of exciting courses and clinics ranging from beginner to pro level
-Full access to some of the hottest areas in Utah, specifically designated for snowkiting
-Instructors/Guides will guide you to the sweetest snowkiting “secret spots” 

-All lesson/guides will take place with the instructors/guides within the areas surrounding around Salt Lake City and Park City throughout Utah depending on the snow/wind conditions.
-Harnesses, kites and bars are provided for most lessons. All students must have their own ski or snowboard equipment and helmet. Helmets are required.
-Kite equipment rentals available.
-Kite adventure trips to dozens of locations; Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, California, Alaska, Midwest, Yukon, New Mexico and New Zealand.  Please call for additional locations. 



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